Make a few of these small beanbags and your child has a new game to play at school, with friends or at their birthday party.

You will need:

  • Large sheet of cardboard or 180cm x 24cm sheet of plywood with a hole cut into the centre. Alternatively, for a simpler option, you can use several paper plates, marked with different numbers and placed at intervals on the ground.
  • Two 5cm ‘legs’ fixed to one end of the plywood– use lengths of 2×4 timber or prop the cardboard on an angle by taping another sheet of cardboard to one end
  • Fabric squares 20 x 20cm, in four to six different colours
  • Dried beans, dried burghul or unpopped corn kernels

How to make it:

  1. Mark the cardboard or plywood with two large circles with the hole at the centre, like a bullseye.
  2. Sew the two of the same coloured fabric squares together on three sides to make a pocket.
  3. Turn inside out.
  4. Fill with several handfuls of dried beans, burghul or corn.
  5. Hem the final side to seal the bag.
  6. Repeat with the remaining bags.
  7. To play the game, each player takes their colour beanbag and stands behind a designated line. They take turns to toss their beanbags aiming for the central hole, or one of the paper plates. If a bag goes in the hole, they are awarded three points, if it lands in the middle circle; they are awarded two points, if in the outer circle, one point. The players continue to play until all of the bags have been tossed.
  8. If another player knocks a beanbag off the board it stays off the board and the points don’t count.
  9. If there are more than four or six players, they can team up and take it in turns to toss the beanbags.
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