Summer is a perfect time to grow your own little tomato plant. Tomatoes love the warm weather and grow easily with a little TLC.

You will need:

  • Recycled jam jar
  • Plastic container
  • A pen and label
  • Soil
  • Tomato seeds (See step 1 if you want to use seeds from fresh tomatoes)
  • A sunny spot
  • A small skewer
  • Gloves
  • Strainer
  • A dinner plate

Step 1: Creating your own seeds from fresh tomatoes

  1. Cut your tomatoes in half and scoop out the insides into a plastic container.
  2. Write ‘Tomato Seeds’ on your container to make sure there are no mix-ups.
  3. Put the lid on top of the container but do not seal it so it gets enough oxygen.
  4. Put the container in a warm place but not in direct sunlight (it may be a bit smelly).
  5. Stir the container for the next 2-3 days until a thin layer of white mould grows on the surface.
  6. Put on gloves and scoop off the mouldy layer. The seeds will be at the bottom.
  7. Pour water in the container and let the seeds settle to the bottom.
  8. Pour the mixture through the strainer to catch the seeds and rinse them thoroughly.
  9. Spread seeds out on a dinner plate and leave to dry for 2 days.

Step 2: Planting your seeds

  1. Put the soil in your recycled jam jar (or other container).
  2. Push your seeds down a few centimetres below the surface. Don’t plant more than 5 as they need lots of space to grow.
  3. Put a small skewer into the soil so the growing plant vine has something to wrap around.
  4. Give your little plant lots of water.
  5. Put your tomato plant in a sunny spot with lots of air flow but away from strong winds.
  6. Sit back and watch them grow!

Top Tip

Water your plant every day first thing in the morning for the juiciest tomatoes.